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Avtex Televisions DVD and Satellite Combinations

JLS Ltd, Authorised Avtex Television dealer for over 15 years

JLS Ltd have been suppliers of the superb Avtex range of televisions for over 15 years, in this time we've found Avtex to be one of the most reliable and helpful companies we've ever dealt with, this has reflected on the Avtex Televisions and accessories over this time as well. Quality and after sales support has been second to none, which means we can sell Avtex televisions with total confidence knowing customer satisfaction has total priority.

It's not complicated, they're just the best, why else would the big caravan and motorhome manufacturers install them!

You'll find an Avtex tv in a new caravan and motorhome, famous brands like Bailey, Elddis, Lunar, Coachman, Swift, Airstream, Auto-Sleeper and more install them as their first choice portable TV.

Our Avtex TV range is in stock and sent on a next working day delivery service.

If you can get your order to us by 3pm we can get your Avtex television on its way for a next day delivery, just make sure you leave instructions in case you're out, ie leave with a neighbour etc. For advice, or ordering other than online, just ring us on 0151 334 0222

Everything you need to know is on this one page!

We're keeping it simple, all Avtex televisions and accessories are on this one page, no need to flick backwards and forwards.

Avtex Televisions

All Avtex Television's have these features as standard (additional features listed for each TV):

  • AQT one button tuning system (Ideal for touring)
  • 240v AC / 12/24v DC
  • Freeview Built-In
  • MHEG Five Digital Interactive Service
  • VGA / PC audio input
  • HD ready x 2 HDMI sockets
  • VESA Standard Wall Mountable
  • Headphone Socket



Avtex W164TR Portable Television

Avtex W164TR Potable television
Avtex W164TR Portable Television front view Avtex W164TR Portable Television rear view

The Avtex W164TR smart and packed full of great features

It's a sleek slim line Portable TV which utilise's the latest technology to bring you a marvelous portable entertainment system. Top quality 16" screen display which can be viewed from tight angles with little quality loss, live TV pause, easy tuning, freeview, HD, you can even set the Avtex W164DR Television to record to either a USB or external drive while you're out.

Additional Features for the W164TR

  • 16” wide screen portable television with superior viewing angles
  • Digital and multi-standard tuner
  • C I socket for access to pay TV channels
  • Digital Text / Fast text
  • SCART/Phono




Avtex L185TR Television

Avtex L185TR

The Avtex L185TR 18.5 Inch LED TV

The Avtex L185TR LED/PVR television with its 18.5 inch screen will grace the interior of any large caravan motorhome or yacht, with its slim design it look great, hardly takes up space and provides great features. You can record your favourite TV programs using PVR (personal video recorder) this will require an external hard drive or just a USB stick, please note these are not included.

Additional Features for the L185TR

  • 18.5” widescreen LED panel
  • Pause / Playback live TV / Instant record to USB or HDD (not included)
  • Timer record from program guide (EPG)
  • Multi-standard tuner – digital



Avtex Televisions and DVD combinations

All Avtex Television and DVD combinations have these features as standard:(additional features listed for each model)

  • 240v AC / 12/24v DC
  • Timer record from programmer guide (EPG)
  • Pause/playback live TV/Instant record to USB or HDD
  • AQT one button tuning system (Ideal for touring)
  • DVD/CD player



Avtex W164DRS Television DVD and Satellite Combination

Avtex W164DRS

The Avtex W164DRS TV/DVD Satellite Combination

Its another fantastic Avtex set, it can't sing or dance but it can do just about everything else with its long list of capabilities. It can timer record using the EPG listing ( Electronic Program Guide) and has a satellite decoder included. If there's not already to many channels available you can even use the CI slot to get more (pay channels)

Additional Features for the W164DRS

  • 16” wide screen with superior viewing angles
  • Triple tuners built in: DVB-S2 / DVB-T / ATV
  • Digital TV
  • DVB-S2 High Definition satellite decoder built-in
  • HD ready, HDMI x 2 input sockets
  • VGA with PC audio input socket for use as PC monitor
  • USB / Headphone sockets
  • C I Slot for access to pay TV channels
  • Wall mountable VESA standard





Avtex L185DR Television DVD Combination

Avtex L185DR television

The Avtex L185DR TV/DVD Combination

Another Avtex TV/DVD combination with its slim line space saving design that still manages to pack in great features, including pause live TV and recording or timed recording of your favorite shows (requires USB or external hard drive not included). CI for pay channels if required, low power and good viewing angles. All in all its a lovely portable entertainment system packed with the latest technology.

Additional Features for the Avtex L185DR Television DVD Combo

  • 18.5” wide screen with superior viewing angles
  • Digital and TV multi-standard tuner
  • Digital TV built-in
  • HD ready x 2 HDMI / USB / Phono / Headphone
  • VGA with PC audio input socket for use as PC monitor
  • C I socket for access to pay TV channels
  • Wall mountable VESA standard
  • Digital Text / Fast text
  • Low battery indicator





Avtex L185DRS Television and Satellite Decoder

Avtex L185DRS caravan motorhome Television and Satellite Decoder

The Avtex L185DRS TV/DVD Satellite Combination

Its the same as the Avtex L185DR above but the L185DRS includes a DVB-S2 HD satellite decoder, all you need to do is plug into your satellite dish and your 'e off, with it's high tech and slim lines the Avtex L185DRS TV is finished off with a cool, sleek glass front.

Additional Features for the L185DRS Television

  • 18.5” widescreen LED panel
  • DVB-S2 satellite decoder built in
  • Ultra low power consumption
  • Digital TV
  • HD ready, HDMI x 2 input terminal
  • USB / Headphone sockets





Avtex L216DRS Television Satellite Combination

Avtex L216DRS
Avtex L216DRS TV/DVD Satellite Combination Avtex L216DRS TV DVD side view

The Avtex L216DRS TV/DVD Satellite Combination

This is latest kid on the block, slim line, its more than HD ready, the question is HD for this! the only missing features are, it doesn't sing and dance. Capable of giving you HD television channels even through your regular aerial, along with our other Avtex DRS range it brings a new level to mobile entertainment never seen before. It doesn't get any better than this portable television when it comes to quality, sophistication, technology and all topped off with smart looks.


Additional Features for the Avtex L216DRS £399

  • 21.5” FULL HD widescreen television[1080p]
  • DVBT & DVBT2 digital tuner
  • DVB-S & DVB-S2 digital satellite tuner
  • HD built-in in for terrestrial and satellite channels
  • 2xHDMI/2xUSB/phono/headphone/audio in/co-axial audio-out
  • CI socket for access for pay TV’s
  • Wall mountable VESA standard
  • Digital text/fastext
  • Low battery indicator

12 Volt TV Wall Brackets

Wall Brackets for your new Avtex Television

Sturdy and easy to install (the adjustable swing arm brackets have built in spirit levels. The slide-in TV attachment can be locked for security and allows quick screen removal without tools).

Svenson SV 6.0
Svenson SV 7.0

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tv wall bracket

The Svensen SV6.0 Under shelf Bracket is a sturdy, easy to install mount for LCD or LED Televisions. Its fold-away arm conceals the display beneath your cabinet until you want to use it. An integrated swivel mount allows you to rotate the screen for easy viewing from any angle. The bracket includes fittings to mount screens with 50x50mm, 75x75mm or 100x100mm VESA mount points.

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12volt wall bracket

The Svensen SV7.0 75x75mm and 100x100mm VESA mount points.

Svenson SV 8.0
Svenson SV 9.0

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avtex tv wall bracket

The Svensen SV8.0 75x75mm and 100x100mm VESA mount points.

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wall bracket for 12volt tvs

The Svensen SV9.0 75x75mm and 100x100mm VESA mount points.

Svenson SV 0.5
Avtex Head Rest Bracket

wall bracket

The Svensen SV0.5 Quick Release Wall Mount is a secure mounting point for flat screen televisions. The mount includes fittings to mount screens with 50x50mm, 75x75mm or 100x100mm VESA mount points, and supports 10" to 23" screens up to 25Kgs.

avtex headrest wall bracket
The AK565 is a vehicle headrest mounting solution suitable for any small screen LCD televisions which are VESA compatible, with its articulated extendable arm you can adjust your TV screen to its ideal position. Perfect for in-car, or for use in a truck or motorhome, with its quick release function you can simply detached and stow or remove the screen without the need to remove the bracket. The AK565 is the perfect accessory for W103D 10" Televisions


Avtex Under Cabinet Bracket


avtex under cabinet bracketThe AK564 is a robust, well designed mounting solution which enables the Avtex W103D 10"LCD TVs to be mounted in a multitude of different ways to suit your requirement. On a wall, under a shelf, under a kitchen cabinet even a ceiling or bulkhead, allowing the TV to be folded away when not in use.